Darrell Lea Sponsors Bright Pink 2019

Darrell Lea Sponsors Bright Pink 2019

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Rachel Castle, of Castle and Things, guest writes a blog for us to discuss her creative process when designing the 7oz Strawberry bag in partnership with Bright Pink®, the only national non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.

This October we are committed to donating $.10 of each Darrell Lea + Bright Pink package purchased with a total of up to $20,000.

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Rachel Castle pictured here in her Castle and Things studio

I loved working on the packaging for this special Pink campaign, it is a cause all so dear and special to us, that I said yes instantly and set straight to work.

We start the creative process by cutting and printing shapes in a variety of colors, and then adding textures with different layers of paints. We wanted the artwork to be soft and gentle but really fresh and bright and positive. Flowers and spots, spots and flowers, you can’t go wrong, and so we investigated both. I come from a marketing background so really enjoy working on packaging, working with the text, and the new spaces, as opposed to a big flat piece of paper, it’s actually a great little creative break from the norm!

Once we isolate the colors and shapes, in this instance the spots, we set to really making a concerted effort to make a bespoke original paper artwork for the packaging space. This can take up to a week given that each layer of each spot is printing separately, we wait for it to dry, and we add the next. Once we’re happy with it we photograph it and hope that we pick up enough of the textures and then we apply it to our packaging spaces.

The final Rachel Castle spot design for Darrell Lea + Bright Pink 7oz Strawberry packaging

We are well known for our spot work but do a little less of it these days as we move towards different creative directions, so we ABSOLUTELY LOVED getting our spot on for this project. And we were allowed to use all the prettiest most beautiful colors. And so, it felt a lot more like playing than working. We made this special artwork with love, a LOT OF IT, we hope it shows.


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