Real Twists Lips - Behind the Scenes

Real Twists Lips - Behind the Scenes

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Behind The Scenes with Genevieve Jauquet

Take a peek behind the scenes as I share what a day in my life as a makeup artist, photographer and model looks like, and in particular my behind the scenes in creating the key visuals for Darrell Lea's Real Twists.

I start preparing a few days before the shoot, playing around with the product to figure out the best ways to photograph it.  Then I select pieces that look picture perfect to be my "candy models" for the shoot and store them aside.  I practice holding the candy in my mouth to get an idea of positioning, etc, and let's face it- I'm also eating some because the Real Twists are delicious!

On the shoot day, I have to set up all my gear which includes setting up and positioning my lights and modifiers, connecting my camera to the monitor so I can see what I'm shooting, and adjusting my camera and light settings. 

Having already selected the right makeup products for the shoot the day beforehand makes things a lot easier so I can be more efficient. I use a lightweight moisturising foundation on the skin and a small lip brush to apply the liquid lipstick for sharp clean lines.

Finally shoot ready! Very carefully, I position the Real Twists with my lips and mouth to achieve the desired looks. When I'm happy with a position, I usually hold my breath because I don't want to lose it! Once I'm happy and feel I've gotten all the shots I need, it's time to go through and select all the best photos for retouching! 

One of my favourite feelings is seeing the completed visuals and knowing how satisfied my client is.  It's an exciting and ever changing job, and much sweeter when I get to work with an edible and delicious subject! 

- Genevieve