The Taste of Summer

The Taste of Summer

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The Flavour of Australian Summers

Between spending so much time on set in the studio and rushing up and down the stairs to the office, I need a little treat in the top drawer that keeps me going on the long days. Or when 3pm hits.

A longtime supporter of the iconic Darrell Lea brand, I was super excited to discover their fruity liquorice bite size range.

Fruity enough that they taste delicious, and super soft the way liquorice should be. These pretty treats had the office in a spin, fighting over which colours and flavours we loved more. Mind you, there is nothing artificial which is why Liquorice is our favourite party go to at TLSE HQ. Be warned U. S friends, these Aussie party favourites will have you hooked. Take a walk with us to get the true flavours of Australian Summer.

After much arguing from the team about which was the best, we decided we loved them all. Fruit Salad combo with a liquorice twist!

And to our American friends who have yet to get their hot little hands on these beauties, they're coming soon to a town near you. For a little taste of Australia, we recommend the Mango; it's the perfect taste of Summer for when the winter chill gets too much.

We've grown up on Darrell Lea, so these soft fruity flavours are our new go-to in comfort food. Fruitiness aside, some days just call for a good old-fashioned piece of liquorice.

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Heidi Albertiri