Darrell Lea Sponsors Bright Pink 2020

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We were so thrilled to be asked to design the packaging for Darrell Lea + Bright Pink. Darrell Lea is an absolutely iconic brand in Australia and makes me nostalgic for when we were kids and my siblings and I would come into the city to see a show and be allowed a special treat from Darrell Lea – it really was the cherry on top!

Kip&Co launched in Melbourne in 2012, after Hayley (my sister), Alex (my bestie) and I dreamt of starting a business that would allow us to be creative and work for ourselves. We decided to focus on homewares and apparel, and for the last eight years have been making colourful, fun, joyful goodies for every corner of the home and every member of the family.

While the business has grown a lot, our design process remains the same. The three of us spend every Thursday together sitting around Hayley’s kitchen table with a bottomless cup of tea and endless ideas to match. Each of us comes to the meeting with ideas for new products and prints we love. We are never short on ideas! Inspiration can come from anywhere - we particularly love vintage finds at flea markets and thrift stores, but inspiration can equally come from something our kids have drawn, art we’ve been moved by, or the nature around us.

My business partners and I have all been touched by cancer in our lives, and loved the idea of creating something jubilant for Bright Pink and the amazing work they do around prevention and detection of breast and ovarian cancer.

We wanted the print to be something that was full of heart and so we decided to take that concept literally, and developed a print called HEARTY! There’s a definite nod to strawberry fields (because chocolate and strawberries are always a good idea), and cute child-like faces wearing a crown, that we hope will remind everyone they are king and queen of their world.

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