Bright Pink 2018

12/30/2018 | Events


Bright Pink is the only national non-profit organization that works to empower young women to understand their breast and ovarian health, assess their risks, and manage prevention practices for both forms of women’s cancers.

Darrell Lea partnered with Bright Pink in 2018 to encourage women to approach their breast and ovarian health proactively. We utilized our Facebook and Instagram platforms to share a free online assessment incentivized with liquorice and Stella & Dot bracelet giveaways, as well as a donation of $1 for each completed assessment to help inspire action.

The campaign resulted in an overall donation of $10,000 to breast cancer and ovarian health research! The responses on Facebook and Instagram from followers were both humbling and inspiring. We are delighted to partner with a cause like Bright Pink, to further support women in taking notice, taking action, and taking charge of their ovarian and breast health!