A Surprising Twist Tour Recap!

A Surprising Twist Tour Recap!

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For those of you who were not able to join Darrell Lea on the road this summer throughout NYC, Boston, or New Jersey we have provided a recap of all our street, store, and festival sampling below. We reached so many people on the tour this summer, and we were not surprised at the responses after trying our new Real Twists™!

July, August, and September

We spent two months this summer traveling throughout the Northeast to spread the Real Twists™ love. You may have seen us in any one of the boroughs of New York City, up-state at the New York State Fair, Randall’s Island for Electric Zoo, Prospect Park for Wanderlust, or Park Avenue for 3 weekends of Summer Streets to pass out our strawberry Real Twists™ samples!

10 Festival, 50 Retail, and 48 Street Sampling Days

In just those 2 short months, we visited over 3 states, and 2 major cities, to share the newest addition to our product family – strawberry Real Twists™. We made sure to stop by some of our retail friends Fairway, Morton Williams, King’s, and Roche Bros. to sample in-store for customers with a $1 off coupon for any purchase of a Real Twists™ 10oz bag, or 15% on their entire case order on Amazon! If you were in NYC at all during the summer you may have seen us in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or Astoria for a sample…or two.

1.5 Million Attendees with 300,000 Engagements!

In all 108 days, our events reached attendee counts of 1.5 million, with our engagements at 300,000 people! We were so pleased to meet and share our chewy candy with you all. It was the best part of the tour for us!

198,000 Samples and 101,000 Coupons

While engaging with all 300,000 of you, we exceeded our goal of passing out 180,000 samples by 18,000! Over 1,000 (very lucky ;)) attendees received a full size, 10oz bag of our Real Twists™ in either the Strawberry or Grape flavor. We also passed out 101,000 coupons for $1 off any Darrell Lea product valid at any retailer, with an additional code for 15% off on our Amazon store!

Survey Results Are In!

Throughout the entire tour we asked for consumer feedback after trying our new Real Twists™. Nearly 2,000 people gave us their honest opinions about our new chewy candy. The responses were so positive, we just had to share some of the results with you. *Spoiler alert* people’s taste buds were happy!

Will purchase Real Twists™

Will recommend Real Twists™

Will use the coupon in-store or on Amazon

Thank you to all who came out and engaged with us, we will see you soon on our next tour!