2019 Color Run - It's a Surprising Twist!

2019 Color Run - It's a Surprising Twist!

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Summer 2019 is getting REAL!!

The Color Run and Darrell Lea have teamed up again for a 3rd year to get real this summer with surprising, fun, and tasty prizes that we can’t wait to share with you. We are launching our new Non-GMO candy product, Real Twists, in two delicious flavors, and to celebrate we want to treat lucky winners to surprises! We know you don’t know all of the prizes yet, but we promise – there is something here for everyone. Each prize is valued at a minimum of $250 and each week will feature a new surprise with a case of Strawberry AND Grape Real Twists!

“Hmm, new product, you say??” — Oh, yeah! We know you’re going to love it! To make sure you do not miss out, we’ve put together a checklist to help you stay on top of each giveaway and prepare you to WIN!

Follow, Follow, Follow!

Each week, we’ll be posting a new prize worth a minimum of $250! Follow both The Color Run and Darrell Lea US on Instagram to make sure you don’t miss the prize posts! You must be following both pages to win!

Enter with BOTH Darrell Lea and The Color Run!

For every giveaway, you have at least two chances to enter: Once on The Color Run’s Instagram Page, and once on Darrell Lea's Instagram page.
So follow and stay tuned for those chances!

Get a friend to enter with you!

Tag your friends on every post to let them know about a prize you know they’ll love! (Just make sure they promise to share some of their Real Twists with you if they win).

SIGN UP for a Color Run – and JOIN THE FUN!

We are about fun and inclusiveness, and we want you to join us at The Color Run. We already visited NYC and Boston and had a great time with you all! If you want to have some fun with us, there is still time to sign up for the Cincinnati run, and while there, stop by our space for some Real Twist samples!


Some images from this year's NYC & Boston Runs!