Ways to Support Australian Bushfire Relief

Ways to Support Australian Bushfire Relief

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3 Days - 100% of Proceeds

In honor of Australia Day on January 26th, we will be donating 100% of ALL our Amazon proceeds January 25th through the 27th to the Australian Red Cross, and offer our support during their worst fires in decades. As a 90-year-old Australian confectionery brand, we hope to raise awareness for continued Australian bushfire relief, and thank you for your generosity.

Shop our Amazon range to support the Australian Red Cross

Fast Facts

  • The fires have been burning since late July 2019 - with 2 months left in their wildfire season
  • 100+ fires still burning, 60 remain uncontained, with 2,700+ firefighters battling the flames
  • At least 2,500 buildings and homes destroyed
  • 28 deaths, and nearly 1 billion animal casualties with devastating affects to communities, habitats, and delicate ecosystems
  • 18+ million acres of land burned - more acres of land than Vermont, New Hampshire, and New Jersey combined
  • Sydney reached 11x above the hazardous level for air quality, with Melbourne's reaching the worst in the world
  • An estimated 2+ billion dollars in long-term damages to all of Australia

Ways to Support

If you are looking to donate directly to an organization, please see below for multiple ways to support relief efforts.

Red Cross of Australia

WIRES (Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization)

The Salvation Army

Food Bank Australia

NSW Rural Fire Service

Country Fire Association of Victoria

South Australian Country Fire Services

Thank you for your support during this devastating time.
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*All sources as of 1/13/2019*