Darrell Lea is now 100% Palm Oil Free

12/8/2020 | Press


Darrell Lea announces it is now 100% palm oil free. The iconic company is the first major licorice brand in the US to achieve this significant milestone. When we say Darrell Lea Makes It Better, we really mean it. We’ve been listening to our customers and know that more ethically sourced ingredients matter, and we couldn’t agree more. Removing palm oil is just one of the many steps we’re taking to create candy that is better for our customers, consumers and the environment. After extensive testing we landed on sunflower oil as a preferred replacement. It is the best choice from an environmental, health-related and manufacturing perspective. Tim Stanford, Global Marketing Director, said “The mammoth task has taken the business two years to complete, with more than 200 individual ingredients reviewed and 100 products changed in the process”. All products departing Australia from September 2020 onwards will be 100% palm oil free. Darrell Lea will also redesign packaging with a stand-out new Palm Oil Free logo and clear ingredient listing.