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Darrell Lea Goes Bright Pink

For the 2nd year, Darrell Lea sponsors Bright Pink and encourages young women to assess their breast and ovarian health.

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Darrell Lea Sponsors Bright Pink 2019

See how Australian designer, Rachel Castle, collaborated with us to design the 7oz Strawberry Licorice bag for this year’s Bright Pink® sponsorship, and take the 5-minute online risk assessment to learn your personal cancer risk.

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Find out what Yummertime's Chris Lin and Brock Williams think of Darrell Lea

Chris and Brock were sent an Unreal Enjoyment box from us, find out what they thought, and how we teamed up.

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A Surprising Twist Tour - Lifestyle Events

Find out here if you will be at the same events as us this summer - we sure hope so.

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A Surprising Twist Tour - Retail Sampling

Check out where you can find us near you, and stop in to get a free sample and coupon, this August and September in the Northeast!

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A Surprising Twist Tour - Street Sampling

Check here to see where you can find us passing out free samples around NYC this August and September.

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The Taste of Summer

Heidi Albertiri, of The Life Style Edit, shares which fruity flavors she enjoys during her Australian Summers.

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Real Twists Lips - Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes, with Genevieve Jauquet, the Sydney, Australia based make-up artist that helped recreate our key visuals for our US Real Twists launch.

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It's a Picnic in the Park with Charlotte Bridgeman

Join Charlotte, the NYC fashion blogger of Winston & Willow, as she discusses her favorite snacks for a picnic + giveaways for FOUR lucky winners!

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5 FUN GOALS FOR SUMMER! with Grace Atwood

See what Grace Atwood is up to this summer from her recent, The Stripe, blog post!

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